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Mr. Anthony A Manboadh

Mr Anthony A Manboadh
Anthony A Manboadh began his professional career in telecom technology in Boston, Massachusetts (1976) with ROLM Telecommunications, which subsequently became IBM/ROLM Telecommunications. Beginning as a telecom specialist and computer technician, the natural path led to area manager with SIEMENS Communication-USA in Boston, MA. His specialized skillsets facilitated an appointment with the Government of the United States Virgin Islands, based on the island of St. Thomas, USVI as the Territorial Director of Telecommunications serving the USVI, Puerto Rico and other Nations seeking assistance from a government-to-government type relationship.
After his retirement from government service, Mr. Manboadh founded Virgin Islands Telesolutions Limited (VITL), St. Thomas, USVI and Telecom Management Consultants Limited (TMCL) with offices in Florida-USA. From its US Base of Operations in Florida, Mr. Manboadh continued to offer strategic services to governments, private, corporate entities and institutions in Florida-USA and Nations of the Caribbean and Latin America. This led to the creation of strategic relations in the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and Columbia SA.
Using his decades’ long corporate and government experience, he designed and developed two-year, University-level, telecom training program in telecommunications technology which was implemented by The University of the West Indies St. Augustine, where Mr. Manboadh was the senior lecturer. This initiative helped to develop a cadre of professionals in the industry, which at the time was in short supply within the Caribbean Region.
His professional training, which encompasses decades of industry specific training in Boston-MA, Silicon Valley-CA and Dallas-TX, began in the early years of digital technology all the way to advanced telecommunications systems and current technologies. It includes associate degrees in Business Management, Industrial Electronics and Electricity technology, MSc. from University of Portsmouth-UK in Strategic Business in Information Technology and dozens of specialized certificates and diplomas in Computer technology and Telecommunication engineering from Industry leaders and other technical Institutes.
Having a passionate interest in arts, culture, music and human resource development, Mr. Manboadh graciously accepted an executive-level position on the Board of directors with the Kathak Kala Sangam – Institute of Performing Arts, under the professional guide and astute leadership of its founder and Artistic Director, Dr. Satnarine Balkaransingh.
Mr. Manboadh continues to consult in telecommunications technology and training, while expanding the profile of the Kathak Kala Sangam both regionally and internationally.   


56B, Back Street, Tunapuna, 
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Corner Cumberbatch St & Chaguanas Main Rd.



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